Formerly the Wakool River Pumpers and Water Users Association

The above Association was formed in May 1984 after irrigators on the Wakool River system realised their ability to irrigate out of the River was gradually being eroded by other competing demands for a limited resource.

The Department at the time (W.R.C) had begun to enforce a ‘no flow policy at Stoney Crossing’ which not only had huge ramifications for irrigation but also dire consequences for water quality and other environmental issues.  Following numerous meetings and intense lobbying, the Association finally won the battle for allocations and a secure water supply for the River system.

As you are no doubt aware at present the River system is on the verge of an environmental catastrophe let only the dire consequences of landholders running out of essential stock and domestic water.

The last formal meeting of the above Association was in late 1999.  Since then the Association has been ‘ticking over’ with the executive representing your interests through the Murray Valley Water Diverters Association (the peak Murray Valley Pumpers representative group) and to a lesser degree the Wakool Landholders Association.

The executive convened a meeting on Monday 5th November 2007 of a small representative group of the River.  It was decided that it was time to reinvigorate the Association to seek support for various options to get a flow back into the River with a single united voice.  Some of the options may be controversial, for example an embargo on being able to use any pump larger than 2” and a complete embargo on fishing for the immediate future. This is only being suggested as a trade off to get some environmental water into the system.