The Wakool River System is renowned as one of the major anabranches of the Murray River. The system is a highly braided complex mix of rivers, creeks and wetlands made up of approximately 1100kms of watercourses  that supply water to around 600 households  and businesses, as well as providing water and refuge for countless numbers of stock and native fauna. The Wakool River meanders its way through the middle of the system creating amazing biodiversity and a “continuous real wetland” for some 300 kilometres. The system is regarded as the “lungs” of the Murray with the deep holes supporting vital natural ecosystems.  The Wakool System is also a famous breeding ground for hundreds of native flora and fauna including the iconic Murray Cod.

Unfortunately, the current management strategy of the Wakool system is to disconnect it from the main Murray/Edward system and use a stop-start policy to provide essential stock and domestic requirements only. This ad-hoc management has lead to things such as:

  • Prolonged drying out of the river bed;
  • Nil, or poor quality, Stock and Domestic water;
  • Increased salinity levels;
  • Stress on native flora and fauna;
  • Most recently, huge native fish kills.
  • After three years of drying out deep holes, acid sulphate soils are now being identified as another environmental disaster for parts of the system.
  • Increased vegetative congestion by flood runners including the main channels.

The Wakool River Association is aiming to get the system recognised as a Living Murray icon or be recognised as a Key Environmental Asset, we also are fighting to secure an environmental parcel of water dedicated to our system to ensure its future.

We would encourage you to browse of webpage to gain a better understanding of our issues, and help us keep alive our famous river system.